Posted By • November 1st, 2015

Jazz … Meet Devina

Wow! I want to be among the first to pass on the good news that the world has found the previous-unknown (but-not-actually-related) younger (and also transgender) sister of Jazz Jennings. My friend Ines Ligron in Tokyo (how’s that for good news getting around!) sent me this link to a story about little Devina Keswani.,,20963232,00.html


What a sweetheart! And I can’t help saying, her parents look every bit as loving, accepting and maybe a little bit puzzled (and struggling) as Jazz’s parents!

Is there something in the water? That these delightful young transgender girls are stepping forward at just this time to completely changing the narrative about transgender women? I have to say to Jazz – and now Devina, as well – you are going to re-write history! No longer will people think of transgender women as people with faintly masculine bodies doing their best to “pass” (and only partly succeeding).

Soon the world will accept transgender girls – and young trans women, as you will shortly be – as every bit as feminine and attractive as our cis-sisters. And when they talk about the prettiest such girls, your names will be in everyone’s hashtags and tittering in everyone’s tweets. So welcome! We are glad to have you!