Posted By • November 3rd, 2015

This is a message – really some free legal advice – for Christians everywhere. I am an attorney and have been since 1977, so I have been around the law a while. What I have to say may surprise you, but I hope you will listen with an open mind.

First, I must tell you that I am one of those LGBT people – a transgender woman, to be precise. But what I have to say could be said by any experienced attorney, or by any thoughtful follower of Our Lord.

Me having been a lawyer for 36 years, you can imagine I have deep respect for the law. But let me tell you one aspect of that “respect.”

Let us say, I am waiting outside the grocery store, and I see, not far away, a man using a screwdriver to break into a car. Now, what do I do? First, I look around for a policeman, because I believe I am witnessing a crime, and if so we need a policeman to take action. Car theft is not a joke.

But if there’s no policeman around, then what would I do – what would a normal person do? Well, probably nothing. I might yell at the thief (from a safe distance), or I might try to take his picture with my cell phone, but that’s about it. I am certainly not going to go over there and confront the thief.

And why is that? Because the way “the law” works is – we ordinary citizens are supposed to leave enforcement of the law up to the “officers” of the law.

Just imagine what chaos would result if, instead of relying on law enforcement officers, all the laws were enforced by ordinary citizens: People who usually have no idea what the law is, and would be out there just willy-nilly arresting other ordinary citizens they see around them doing things which – in their ill-informed opinion – must be “unlawful.”

Truly, there would be chaos! And there would be a considerable increase in violence, because lots of the citizens being arrested will feel they are in no way breaking any law. Or, with a bunch of untrained amateurs running around making arrests for no good reason, people would rapidly lose respect for the law, itself.

Now, coming back to our original topic, we all know that certain students of the Bible tell us that the Good Book declares LGBT people to be “sinful” or even an “abomination.” That LGBT people are – by their actions, or even just by being “who they are” – showing disrespect to Our Lord.

So, for the sake of argument, let us take what they say as true. Now, I ask you Christians, what should “law enforcement” do when the “law” involved is “Divine law?”

Even supposing that LGBT people really are “breaking God’s law,” who or where is that policeman who will make the arrest? If you have studied the Bible, you know it doesn’t deputize any (much less “every”) Christian to run out and try to impose punishment on people who might be falling short of His perfection.

No, if you are a sincere believer, you will respect God’s law. And that means, you won’t run out and try to arrest others who – in your private, personal opinion – are breaking His law.

That’s not your job. That’s His job!

Our Lord is perfectly capable of enforcing His own laws. Do you think, when you are standing behind the counter at your bakery, and a same-sex couple comes in to order a wedding cake, that Our Father is unaware of this transaction? That, if you were to just go ahead and bake them the cake they want, and if they were to have a lovely, memorable wedding ceremony, that, for some unknown reason, the fact of them being a same-sex couple will somehow escape God’s notice? And then something terrible will happen (perhaps because of all those gay people tasting buttercream icing)?

Please, Christians, you running around denying other people the cake they want (or the marriage license they are entitled to) (or the jobs they want, and can do) (or the apartment they want to rent, and can afford) (or the child they would like to adopt, for whom they would be good parents) is disrespectful to Our Lord.

He sees all these things and is not deceived. And right now, what He sees is a bunch of people who – for some unknown reason – think that the Creator of the Universe is either unaware of what is happening in His world, or that He is incapable of enforcing His own laws in the way He chooses.

That – my Christian friends – is disrespectful to Our Lord.