Posted By • November 1st, 2015

Jazz … Meet Devina Wow! I want to be among the first to pass on the good news that the world has found the previous-unknown (but-not-actually-related) younger (and also transgender) sister of Jazz Jennings. My friend Ines Ligron in Tokyo (how’s that for good news getting around!) sent me this link to a story about little Devina Keswani.,,20963232,00.html   What a sweetheart! And I can’t help saying, her parents look every bit as loving, accepting and maybe a little bit puzzled (and struggling) as Jazz’s parents! Is there something in the water? That these delightful young transgender girls are[…] Read More

Blog 01

Posted By • October 19th, 2015

Greetings. This is the first entry in my little semi-regular love letter to the world. Not that I am filled with amorous intentions for all (or any) of you, but only that those of you who are like me – struggling to find a place in this strangely put-together world – have all my sympathy, and with sympathy we often find caring, understanding and (sometimes) love. I arrived at this place indirectly: I came out 2 and ½ years ago as a transgender (“TG”) woman, and (as they say) “I have never looked back.” Now, about a year ago I[…] Read More